Zip Rail
Rochester-Twin Cities Passenger Rail Corridor Investment Plan - Tier 1 EIS

Notice of Extension for Release of Final Scoping Decision Document for Zip Rail Tier 1 EIS

In response to public interest, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, in cooperation with the Olmsted County Regional Rail Authority, will exceed the 15 day timeframe for release of the Final Scoping Decision Document for the Zip Rail project to allow for consideration of the large number of public comments received.

The Final Scoping Decision document will identify the issues and potential impact areas, and alternatives, including the No Build alternative, to be studied in the Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). It will also include a record of all comments received during the comment period (July 7 to August 22). The Final Scoping Decision Document will be announced in the EQB Monitor and newspapers throughout the project corridor.

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Posted 11.25.14

As the Rochester-Twin Cities Passenger Rail Corridor Project (Zip Rail) enters the Tier 1 EIS process, additional representation from along the identified corridors will be required.  We also heard from the public who have expressed interest in becoming more involved in the project in an advisory capacity. To accomplish these needs, the project Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will be expanded to add representation from additional communities along the corridors, and a Citizen Advisory... Get Details »